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Former socialite Kiki Hepburn can think of no better place to hide out from her controlling family than the pristine water of Kauai’s Aloha Lagoon. That is until her debit card is cancelled, old frenemies from her life back home show up at the resort, and a mysterious stranger arrives on the island, intent on dragging Kiki back to the life she so desperately wants to outrun. Kiki is resigned to her fate and ready to say goodbye to her dreams of scuba diving her way through paradise...

Until the mysterious stranger turns up dead.

Suddenly cancelled debit cards are the least of her worries. With the police involved, Kiki is sure her true identity will come out—not to mention her less-than-friendly connection to the dead man. Unsure who she can trust, Kiki sets out to clear her name... before it's on everyone's 
lips. Throw in an epically uncomfortable wedding engagement, family secrets, stolen couture, a hot dive shop guy, and a kooky landlady with a cranky parrot, and it’s sink or swim for her in Aloha Lagoon.

Illustrated Cat

"What's a Little Murder Between Mammals?"

A short story in the CHESAPEAKE CRIMES: MAGIC IS MURDER! anthology coming in Spring 2022.

Zooey is a transfigateur, a species that can turn into different mammals at will. Hired to search for a missing man, she soon learns there is more to the case and her T-fig gifts are the perfect way to solve it.

coming 2022
Palm Tree



New Oslo Mysteries
Book 1
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New Oslo Mysteries
Book 2
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New Oslo Mysteries
Book 3
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Kiki Hepburn is on the trail of another killer in beautiful Kauai’s Aloha Lagoon.